After a hard days work, Ruth Schwartz pressed for the elevator on the 21st floor of her high rise office building. Inside the elevator stood a middle-aged man, a man she never met before. Over the ensuing drama-filled hours, Ruth Schwartz would get to know that man intimately and for both of them, their lives would never be the same again... "Hell is... other people!" ― Jean-Paul Sartre

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All About Love

An absurd comedy, Robert and Jean are on their never-ending honeymoon and they're terribly, terribly happy. Accusing them of being feckless and irresponsible, Mum and Dad show up in order to put an end to their wastrel ways. While Robert is outraged at the idea of ending their fun and intimacy, Jean is not so sure. She has yet to tell Robert that she is getting a bit, well, uh, bored with him. Forced from their holiday apartment in the sun, Jean and Robert arrive at Mum and Dad's house where they discover that not all is well with Mum and Dad either. Mum has become so bored living with Dad, she has left home and vanished. It's only that Jean and Robert ask about her whereabouts that Dad discovers that she hasn't been seen, for days.

Jealous Hearts

HE and SHE are a newly married couple that behave like they are walking an emotional tightrope from beginning to end of the play. Each terrified of rejection and loneliness, they will risk everything and compromise their souls in order to remain attached. Fear of rejection causes them to be unable or unwilling to even finish their thoughts and sentences. Each hiding secrets that must be shared for a successful intimacy, they fail. As a consequence, they literally create a MONSTER, who becomes a third character that they initially refuse to even recognize. Their emotions reduced to the rawest and primal of expressions, they will grapple with each other physically rather than have the courage to bear their hearts in true intimacy. Exploring what it means to love and be loved, they are clueless for answers.

The Writer's Assistant

Tom is an Irish writer in his fifties. Desperate to reinvigorate his career he hires a live-in writing assistant, Michelle. Less enthused about their arrangement and closeness is Tom’s wife, Barbara. Once a beauty queen herself, she greatly laments the loss of her good looks and the intimate connection she once held with her husband. As Tom has a history of cheating, Barbara sees the writing on the wall and decides to become proactive. Rather than waiting for something sexual to happen between them, Barbara suggests to Michelle that she conduct an affair with Tom. However, the bluff backfires on Barbara. Michelle decides to take her up on her offer of having an affair with Tom, who is more than willing to participate.