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The Way That They Went

Hoping to make easy money, a materialistic young man convinces a Buddhist monk to go on a speaking tour throughout Britain and Ireland. The trip becomes a nightmare when the monk's behaviour becomes increasingly irratic.



When a young Irish model is kidnapped by a criminal gang in Berlin she doesn't wait for anyone to come save her; she uses the street smarts she learned from growing up in the inner city to defeat the unsuspecting gang.

The Irish For Love

Six weeks before her wedding, a young woman from the Gaeltacht must do all in her power not to fall in love with a charismatic lead singer of a rock band when she is sent on a work assignment to Dublin.


The only survivor of a plane crash, an Irish businessman becomes the prime suspect of an American intelligence agency that uses privacy-intrusive data gathering to prove their case against him.


Fatal Eclipse

While trying to solve the secrets of his traumatic past a troubled man unknowingly pushes his newly-wed wife into the arms of a serial killer.

Crazy Good

Two eccentric men agree to a sham marriage to avoid one’s deportation, but their ruse is disrupted by a shared interest in a mutual female friend.