WOW! Exceeded my expectations. You’ve done a damn fine job sir… and I couldn’t be happier.” – Y.S., Indie feature film script collaboration, Los Angeles

(Dermot) “…really is an incredible writer/consultant. He is so great to work with. One of the best I’ve worked with.” – Ghostwritten TV Pitch, Los Angeles

“I really learned a lot and truly appreciate all your notes. I hope that I every movie I make in my career – that you could talk the story out with me cause I walked away understanding my movie even better. Your tweaks and notes were really great. In an industry that is so cut-throat, it’s so refreshing that someone would lend a helping hand. ”Keith Black, Director “Driving Me CrazySpecial Thanks

“With three different versions of my manuscript and three TOCs, I was going crazy. Your gifted book doctoring, homework etc, was essential in helping me complete my manuscript. It’s a document that I’m extremely proud of and, as you know, I’ve written a great many documents. I’m thrilled with your services. Thanks again!” – H. Raven Rose, 7 Steps to Break through Writer’s Block

“Let me start by saying I’m overwhelmed and impressed with the work you’ve done. There’s no way I could have self-imposed the cuts you made, nor would I have had the objectivity to judge exactly how to keep the reader hopping along.” – Novelist, Los Angeles

“Brilliant, you’re the best.” – Film Director, Dublin

“Thanks a million for yesterday. It was a bit of a master class in screen writing. The synapses were properly firing afterwards and lots of ideas, images and color flooding in. I found it hugely helpful and really appreciate the time you gave.” – Playwright, Dublin

“Thank you so much for our skype call of yesterday and your mentoring skills. It has been a great help to me and given me some great ideas going forward with my book. I feel more confident now in working towards a completion date and also in relation to character building to get the readers empathy with the protagonist and engagement in three dimensional character building.” – Novelist, Dublin

“Thank your for your kind words about my novel and the detailed report with clear suggestions I can follow up especially on re-structuring and adding bits in.” – Novelist, Dublin

“You’ve inspired me to take a harder look at my piece in order to make it the theme stronger, as well as clean-up obvious flaws relating to staging the play… Couldn’t have done it without your encouragement. So thank you.” – Playwright, Dublin


Writing Services

Screenwriting and play writing, book coaching and story consulting.

Dermot writes or edits feature film scripts, stage plays, screenplay treatments, film script synopses and outlines, pitch documents and leave behinds including query letters, one-sheets, synopsis, and treatments, screenplay coverage and analysis as well as provides feature and play script consultation. 

His Sr. Copywriting specialties include writing/editing:

* Screenplays & Stage Plays
* Fiction/Non-fiction Manuscripts

In addition to freelance writing, screenwriting, or play writing, Dermot Davis provides editing, coaching and consulting services to both emerging and established writers. As a writing project coach he provides consultation and evaluation to help writers shape their manuscript or writing project. He will review your project and guide you in revising and/or finishing your writing product (book, screen or stage play, short story, article).

His first goal is to help the writer identify the essence of their story and then hone the writing project appropriately, according to genre, medium (book or screen or stage play, etc.) and subject matter.

Consultation is available on an hourly or per project basis.

Evaluation of a complete book manuscript or screenplay, generally takes three to five hours. A partial book manuscript, screenplay, several articles or short stories, takes about two to three hours.

After evaluation, Mr. Davis will provide phone critique and consultation upon the work and craft instruction and then request homework from the author or writer. This homework may include significant revision of the work, including restructuring of the document, the addition of characters, simplification, clarification or complication of story structure, formatting changes or the like.

Additional or ongoing project consultation, via email, Skype or telephone, is available at an hourly or per project rate.